February 2016: Life Inside and Outside of XIMB

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I have already told you about the most memorable experiences from this month: I survived a survival camp in the middle of nowhere and flew over to South-Indian Kerala to catch my breath.

Obviously this was not all that happened this month. Here’s a brief summary of what the whole month of February was like.


The courses I had this month were very varied. First of all there was the Non-Competitive Strategy course, which looked incredibly interesting on paper – despite the contradicting title – but in practice it sucked. On the other hand, I really enjoyed writing the mandatory paper for this class. I wrote about the strategy of BlaBlaCar.

The second course was a bit strange, because we were learning about a system that we don’t use in Europe. I think I made the best of it though. At least I learned how to determine and calculate KPIs.

Lastly, we had our first Global Human Resource Management (GHRM) classes. This was so interesting and helpful! I am looking forward to the next classes from Sasmit!


Other school activities

At the end of February, we also started preparing the application procedure for our American Student Visa. We started together in class so that we would be able to go to the US embassy on our own to collect it. It all seemed incredibly complicated, if you ask me. It’s so Indian to make things seem more complicated then they are you know. (Although I tend to do the same in my daily life, but whatever.) Nevertheless, as soon as we could start taking things into our own hands, things went a lot smoother.

I would be going to the consulate in Kolkata to finish the visa process because it is closest to Bhubaneswar and because the city has been recommended to me so often as the nearest place-to-go. It was also the place where I could get the quickest time slot.

Furthermore, I participated in a survival camp organized by Tata Steel this month. We had to take a quite notorious train ride from Bhubaneswar to Jamshedpur. Apparently, this train track is a relatively dangerous one (but we only heard that afterwards). The camp itself was very educational! I never thought I would succeed or be able to do all the things I did. And I was especially surprised that I actually thoroughly enjoyed most of my time there!


One-week Holiday

As you may already have read earlier this month, I went on a short getaway trip to the South of India. Discovering Kerala was a breathtaking experience (in all meanings of the word). It was a totally unique experience for me in so many ways.

On Valentine’s Day I first went to Konark, where I visited the famous Sun Temple. The temple of Konark was built in the 13th century and is shaped to look like a gigantic horse carriage. When I was there, some construction works were going on, but that doesn’t stop the thousands of tourists to come and visit every single day. The day I went also happened to be free entrance. Then I continued to Puri, to relax on the beach and chill in the dunes.

Last but not least, we started preparing for the wedding we would be attending in March. My classmate Vidisha invited us. It’s her brother that is getting hitched. The main part of the preparation involved going to the Market Building in Bhubaneswar, which you can compare to the Indian version of a shopping village, to go buy our outfits. Choosing a saree took a lot more effort than I expected. I was hoping to finish everything in an hour or so but it took us almost half a day! Just like with other clothes, you have to find exactly the right shade that makes your skin look good, you know. And there are so many possibilities with the decorations on the fabric, it is hard to find one that has exactly the right amount that you like. Than you have to go find the underskirt and cropped top. The jewelry I would go and find later. This shopping spree was already exhausting enough!

3CMGM-sarees-indian wedding
February was the exact opposite of boring. There was a good balance between classes, travel, and other activities. I am sooo looking forward to the wedding next month. I promise to tell you all about it of course!


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